Many factors affect the offshore trips like weather, quality of water and time of year. We also consider what is for the guest to catch before going on an offshore trip. Large console boats are used in trips with the maximum of 6 anglers, this is the legal number of guests which we are allowed to take for offshore fishing.

The most popular species for the year around are yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna. They stay here for a whole year. It is highly possible that you catch one of these species. It will take up to one hour to win fight with big yellowfins tuna of medium to large size. You need to use different techniques (trolling, jigging, chunking) to catch 170-pound fish.

Wahoo is the another most popular target for many experienced fisherpersons. We help our guest to catch whatever available fish they want. They are the seasonal fishes, usually biting only sometimes in the year.

The Action fish Swordfish is very popular among offshore guests. The best way to catch this breed is by fishing lumps and humps. Hook it once or miss out the chance. The fish give tough battle, it is not easy to catch. If you want to catch a fish without much effort means where required a steady action we advise you to choose tuns trips. Offshore fishing is for real heroes who never give up.

Key West is a perfect place to do something different than just fishing, do next level fishing in Key West waters. Some of the species are only allowed to catch in a certain interval of the year. We will notify you on the boat if you caught any restricted fish. For more information on regulation check local fishing guidelines of the Key west or feel free to ask us if you have any question.