What is deep sea fishing?

As the name suggests going deep into the water to catch big fish is called deep sea fishing. Key West is the perfect place for sports fishing. Roughly the water depth for deep sea fishing in the key west should be more than 35 meters. There are some species which live in the deep waters, so you need to go there to catch them. We have more than 20 years of experience in deep water fishing in key west Florida.


BIG GAME FISHING: Deep Sea fishing is an enjoyable sport for those who like water adventures. Because nobody knows what will you catch when going on a hunt and this is the most enjoyable thing. This sport requires some experience but if you are new to this sport no need to worry we have guides on our charters which will guide you to become a good angler.

You need a fishing rod, hooks and other regular stuff that you want to carry with you. We have all the necessary equipment and fishing gear installed on our charter boats but if you want to bring your own gear you are most welcome.

Shark, tuna, swordfish are the large size fishes which you cannot find on shore. They like to feed and live in deep water away from the shore. You need to go to their territory to catch them. These are also called fighting fish because it is not easy to catch them.



Learn from nature: Whenever you see birds like gulls in an area this means there are tones of smaller fish in that place which further indicates that large fishes are nearby. These birds feed smaller fishes.

If you want Tuna you need to look for dolphins. These two breeds mostly live together so seeing a dolphin in sea means there is also tuna fish nearby.

TAKE MEDICATION: Motion sickness is a common problem that anglers suffer from on their deep sea fishing tips. This is not a disease, actually, the environment of the sea does not suit your body and always carry medicine to prevent this condition. Because there is no doctor or specialist on the boat or in between waters.

Choose Expert Charters: Choosing a charter is a little confusing thing because your fun depends upon the charter crew and captain. The more experienced captain knows the area of fishing very well and you will have a good time with your family.



We use two types of boats for deep sea fishing

Large boats with a nice room on the fighting area, these are slow speedboats but give enough space for fish fighting. They have bathrooms on them and some have the nice air-conditioned room where you can rest with your fishing partners.

Center Consoles: These are the boats which give equal opportunity to everyone because they have the center console to handle all rods equally. Only Captain handle the boat there is no other crew member present. These are fast and have the speed of more than 30 mph.